product illustration

Self-Initiated project

a self-initiated project that started as a written packing list for my trip to the netherlands, quickly became product illustrations of some of my carry on essentials.

this was a really fun way for me to get excited about my trip, while also practicing some product illustration by drawing freehand in illustrator using the brush tools.


triangle type


i woke up one morning from a dream in which i was designing type built from triangles, so i got out of bed and designed this set of type based off of my dream, along with a few character glyphs.

gift wrap

Client gift completed while working at K9 strategy+design

for three years at k9, i had the chance to design christmas gift wrap for the annual holiday gift. each year we had a new theme to design to.

year one: canadiana illustrations. i made a pair of coordinating designs.
year two: christmas carols. i handlettered lyrics to have a holly jolly christmas.
year three: in our third year of designing gift wrap, k9 added to the client gift, and purchased a chicken in honour of each client through plan canada. the chickens help families by feeding them with eggs, providing income, and teaching girls poultry management skills. we packaged the papers up in butcher paper and a custom labelled gift pack we called merry chickmas.

printed by Colour Innovations

colliers’ risk dashboard icons

risk dashboard icons

colliers international is a global real estate services company operating in 69 countries. their services include brokerage, real estate management, valuation, consulting, project management, project marketing and research.

colliers came to me looking for a series of 6 icons to use in their risk management dashboard. the task was to design icons for each of the 6 topics that would replace the numbers and simple charts and graphs they had been using, while also introducing the use of actual icons in the dashboard.

the 6 topics: certificates of insurance, incident management, risk assessment, risk awareness, total building compliance, vendor management

the challenge was to create a system that would indicate the level of compliancy, something that was achieved through colour; green: full compliance, yellow: improvement to be made in order to achieve full compliancy status, and red: failure to comply. on top of this, the icons had to work well in print and digital spaces, and had to work as a stand alone, or work with accompanying stats and/or copy.

vendor management icon in all 3 compliancy status level colours


school illustrations

used in Bayview Glen's publications and marketing material

when i started rebranding the school's collateral, i knew i wanted to replace the clipart they had used in the past, and introduce some simple illustrations to soften the pages, and bring a better cohesiveness to the collateral as whole.

these illustrations were used in school publications, social media graphics and event marketing.


business improvement area

designing for Ottawa's Wellington West BIA

while working at a small design studio in ottawa's hintonburg neighbourhood, i had the opportunity to design for many local businesses within the wellington west business improvement area.

i was first tasked with designing a poster for our client, the wellington west business improvement area, during some area construction. i decided on the loose freehand style of illustration to reflect the artsy, and laid-back vibe of the neighbourhood. once that poster was complete, i continued to design posters and postcards, incorporating my illustrations, for the various events the bia hosted over the next 2 years.



lettering and illustration for weddings and showers

i say 'i do' quite often to brides and grooms looking for help with their wedding stationery.

here's some of the work i've done.


nursery prints

commissions for baby shower gifts

done in my signature style, i have been commissioned to draw new families in the animal breed of the client's choosing. i work with the client to choose colour palettes, background imagery and any details we can add to personalize the prints.