ricko homes

rick ostroff realty

rick was making a change in career paths and looking for help to brand his new business; he was headed for realty.

we started brainstorming together on the project even before he had completed his final certification tests. rick wanted to be equipped with some initial marketing tools so he could network and meet with potential clients as soon as he passed his test, and signed on the dotted line with a brokerage.

i initially presented him with a few concepts, and we ultimately landed on the above icon as that was what spoke to him. the line drawing used his 2 initials and references a home to speak to what he is selling. building off of the chosen icon i created a full logo suite with the icon, his logo, and his logo locked up with the brokerage he signed with- royal lepage. with his brokerage decided on, part of the brief we created together was that i use the royal lepage red and black colours in our palette, and i then introduced the blue to give his brand an overall happier tone.

i then started to build out the brand by introducing patterns and illustrations built out of the simple shapes that are found in the icon- a circle, square and triangle. this is something that i continue to work on and have plans to build a comprehensive brand package with.

if you’re in the toronto area and looking to buy or sell, #pickrick.

visit him online to learn more.


Brand Roll out social Graphics

signage in use

some of the presented Concepts for signage:


rolling out a rebrand

redesign of all marketing material for print, social and promotional

joining the team as they had just completed a rebrand with an american marketing company, i had the opportunity to come in and be the first designer to work on the rebrand rollout, and help guide the creative direction for the new school material. 

for two years i was the in-house designer at bayview glen, responsible for rolling out the rebrand across all school publications and marketing material. early on in the process, i identified that the new brand standards leaned towards overly corporate, and lacked the welcoming personality we needed to successfully communicate with students and parents alike. i played a key role in advising the senior staff and leadership team on what it would take to ensure the print pieces, website and social channels met the needs of our users, and ensure that we were using best practices.

below is a quick glimpse into the range of pieces i worked on. during my two years at the school i redesigned everything from customized student agendas and calendars, environmental graphics, popup banners, curriculum books, monthly newsletters, annual reports, donor proposals, promotional items, social media graphics, eblast graphics, and school bus wraps.

Laura arrived in this role at a time when the school was undergoing a rebranding. Her role was critical to the successful implementation and launch of the new brand. Her graphic design background was invaluable to the whole process as she expertly, and creatively rebranded everything. She made certain that the execution and integrity of her work was flawless.
Laura is also a stickler for details and has an eye for what works. She is a very hard worker and meets all deadlines efficiently in her calm and cheerful manner.
— Eileen Daunt, Head of School, Bayview Glen Independent School

sequoia day camp

Branding a Summer Camp

when an old colleague of mine approached me to brand a new summer camp that he was looking to develop, i couldn’t have been more excited. this wasn’t the first time i would design for a kids camp, but it was the first time i was building the camp brand from scratch.

the client came to me wanting to build an identity around a tree so i brainstormed ideas with that in mind. in the end i landed on a logo that felt clean and modern, while also referencing vintage camp badges. i created a colour palette inspired by designs from the 70s and 80s that helped give the brand a distinct retro feel.

given that the camp would be based primarily in an urban setting, i wanted the branding to feel modern, while also referencing the nostalgia of outdoor summer camps many of us attended as children. the proposed marketing strategy was to use bold type with simple messaging, patterns created with elements from the logo, and imagery that felt classic and timeless.

sadly the camp never found a space that worked, so it won’t be coming to life (at least for now).


victoria savoy

Branding for a social strategist

coming from a family of realtors, victoria was looking to use her 10+ years experience in social media and strategic communications to target a unique niche of realty clients to help them market their brands and their clients’ homes.

i worked with victoria to design a visual identity for her new side hustle so she can be uniquely branded and stand out when approaching potential clients. if you’re looking for social strategy help, visit her here.




days inn

Marketing material for realstar group

founded in 1974, the realstar group has focused on multi-unit residential rental, hospitality and alternative real estate assets. in 1992 they acquired the master franchise to the days inn brand for canada, growing the chain from only 8 days inn hotels, to over 120 today.

i worked with realstar to design brochures used for canada-wide marketing efforts to potential franchisees and designs targeted towards chinese tourists and tour groups, as well as popup banners designed to market specific hotel locations, among other items.


public accountability statement

online report for Intact Financial Corporation

complementing intact's annual report, the public accountability statement (pas) provides an overview of activities undertaken in support of customers, employees, community members and governments during the 2017 fiscal year. 

i was tasked with designing the english and french pas reports to accompany the annual report designed by craib's design director. i recreated client-supplied icons, as well as built new icons to use throughout the report to accompany the copy, while using select photos where appropriate.

full report available online here.

work completed while freelancing at craib Design & Communications


pyeongchang 2018

olympics social content

the winter and summer olympics have been something i've enjoyed watching from a young age. there's something really exciting about the entire country coming together to support and cheer on its most talented athletes, and hear the stories of some athletes we've never heard of before.

if you're a proud canadian and/or winter enthusiast like me, february 2018 was likely a fun and sleep-deprived time for you. while i spent many sleepless nights staying up to watch the events live, i decided it was a great opportunity for some design fun, and building my own social content.

inspired by the pixels of the screens they'd be living on, i designed templates for graphics to post each time team canada won a medal that included a space for the event name and the athlete/team name. each time i saw an athlete or team win, i would personalize the graphic with emojis and stickers and post to my instagram story.

congrats canada on our most successful winter games ever!


celebrating canada 150

building a campaign inspired by kindergarten students' drawings

when i was approached by a teacher who had some pencil drawings of canadian wildlife her class had done, i quickly knew i was in the presence of some future illustrators. what started out as some pencil drawings in a senior kindergarten class, quickly became the inspiration for an entire canada 150 campaign across the school campus.

i made the canada 150 maple leaf in our school colours and used it as a starting point to build out 4 banners that would incorporate all of the wildlife drawings. with the banners designed, i was able to carry the look and feel through to school publications where canada 150 was mentionned, as well as design a whole set of merchandise opportunities.

alumni reunion

a guess who themed event

with reunions being a time to catch up with classmates from the past and reflect on childhood memories, the idea of seeing who you recognize inspired an event design and strategy inspired by the game of guess who.

in order to execute the design, personal details were a must. i scanned through years of old yearbooks to pull class photos, yearbook quotes, and the recipients of 'most like to' votes. combining these personal touches, with elements of guess who like the question mark pattern, the event design quickly came together as a very cohesive concept.

ensuring the alumni were immediately interested in attending, i used each of their specific class photos for the self-mailing invitation to get their attention. #bvgalumnireunion2017 ended up being the best attended reunion event to date in the history of the school!


trove boutique

a toronto retailer

trove is a boutique shop located in toronto's annex and junction neighbourhoods. they offer a range of mens and womens clothing, accessories and footwear from artisan, premium, canadian and international designer labels.

for the past five years i've been working closely with the store owner to create marketing material for various platforms. i've designed print ads, in-store signage, eblasts, social media graphics and illustrations. sometimes designing for, and evolving the trove brand, other times it was required to design in the branding of suppliers, or events hosts and sponsors.

shop trove now.


town hall

Client: bayview glen independent school

in an effort to bring the school community together, in april 2017 bayview glen hosted its inaugural town hall event.

april 2017 marked the first time that bayview glen would host a town hall for the entire school community to attend. with board of directors' members as facilitators, and parents, faculty and staff in attendance, there was a need to brand the event and promote it across multiple platforms.

i was tasked with branding the event and ensuring consistency across all pieces it touched- from print in the school newsletter, posters around the school, eblasts sent home to parents, powerpoint template designs, slider graphics for the school website, and graphics for sharing on social media; everything to do with the event was branded.

the end result, was clean and consistent messaging across all of the school social and print channels, and a well attended event.